Developing Spring Boot apps for Kubernetes

Developing Spring Boot apps for Kubernetes

Spring Boot Apps for Kubernetes

Course Description

Kubernetes is the industry approved platform for growing a Cloud Native strategy. Spring (Boot) has always encouraged developers to leverage the tools/technologies that best solves their business use cases.

In this training, we will bring both worlds together so that you as a Spring (boot) developer can take ownership of your code from development to production. We will look at some best practices/patterns on how to containerize your Spring Boot application & run it on a Kubernetes cluster. We will also look at how you can integrate your Spring Boot app with Kubernetes.

This is an intensive, hands-on training, every student will get access to a Kubernetes cluster to complete the labs.

By the time the training is over, you will have a good understanding of how Spring Boot & Kubernetes work hand in hand and you will have bridged some of the gaps between Dev & Ops.

What you’ll learn

By the end of the training, you will learn:

  • Design principles of Cloud Native apps
  • Why is Kubernetes the industry approved platform & how does Spring Boot fit in?
  • Containerize Spring Boot applications
  • Deploy Spring Boot applications on Kubernetes
  • Spring Boot configuration in Kubernetes
  • Spring Boot application lifecycle in Kubernetes
  • Visibility & Observability
  • 1.- Introduction
  • 2.- Building Containers
  • 3.- Going beyond Dockerfiles
  • 4.- Kubernetes Introduction
  • 5.- Spring Boot configuration on Kubernetes
  • 6.- Managing application deployments
  • 7.- Health checks and probes
  • 8.- Observability I: Logging
  • 9.- Observability II: Metrics
  • 10.- The cloud is the limit


Sergi Almar


2 days


On-site, Live Online


English, Spanish, Catalan