Confluent Developer Skills for Building Apache Kafka®

Confluent Developer Skills for Building Apache Kafka®

Course Description

In this three-day, hands-on Apache Kafka developer training course, you will learn how to build an application that can publish data to, and subscribe data from, a Kafka cluster. You will learn the role of Kafka in the modern data distribution pipeline, discuss core Kafka architectural concepts and components, and review the Kafka developer APIs. The course also covers other components in the broader Confluent Platform such as Kafka Connect and Kafka Streams.

This is an official course by Confluent.

What you’ll learn

By the end of the training, you will learn to:

  • Write Producers and Consumers to send data to and read data from Kafka
  • Integrate Kafka with external systems using Kafka Connect
  • Write streaming applications with Kafka Streams & ksqlDB
  • Integrate a Kafka client application with Confluent Cloud
  • 1.- Fundamentals of Apache Kafka®
  • 2.- Producing Messages to Kafka
  • 3.- Consuming Messages from Kafka
  • 4.- Schema Management in Apache Kafka®
  • 5.- Stream Processing with Kafka Streams
  • 6.- Data Pipelines with Kafka Connect
  • 7.- Event Streaming Apps with ksqlDB
  • 8.- Design Decisions
  • 9.- Confluent Cloud


Sergi Almar


3 days


On-site, Live Online


English, Spanish, Catalan