Confluent Stream Processing using Apache Kafka® Streams & ksqlDB

Confluent Stream Processing using Apache Kafka® Streams & ksqlDB

Confluent Stream Processing using
Apache Kafka® Streams & ksqlDB

Course Description

During this instructor-led, hands-on course, you will learn how to use Confluent KSQL to transform, enrich, filter and aggregate streams of real-time data using a SQL-like language. You will also learn how to use the Apache Kafka Streams library to build streaming applications. Furthermore, you will learn how to test, monitor, secure and scale those streaming applications. You will learn how these applications integrate with the Confluent Platform powered by Apache Kafka, Kafka Connect, Confluent Schema Registry, Confluent REST Proxy as well as the Confluent Control Center. You will learn the role of streaming in the modern data distribution pipeline, discuss architectural concepts and components of KSQL and Kafka Streams..

This is an official course by Confluent.

What you’ll learn

By the end of the training, you will learn to:

  • Identify common patterns and use cases for real-time stream processing
  • Understand the high level architecture of Apache Kafka® Streams
  • Write real-time applications with the Kafka Streams API to filter, transform, enrich, aggregate, and join data streams
  • Describe how ksqlDB combines the elastic, fault-tolerant, high-performance stream processing capabilities of Kafka Streams with the simplicity of a SQL-like syntax
  • Author ksqlDB queries that showcase its balance of power and simplicity
  • Test, secure, deploy, and monitor Kafka Streams applications and ksqlDB queries
  • 1.- Motivation and Concepts for Streams
  • 2.- Kafka Streams Architecture
  • 3.- Writing Kafka Streams Applications
  • 4.- Testing Kafka Streams Applications
  • 5.- The Confluent Platform
  • 6.- Introduction to ksqlDB
  • 7.- Using ksqlDB
  • 9.- Deployment
  • 10.- Security
  • 11.- Monitoring


Sergi Almar


3 days


On-site, Live Online


English, Spanish, Catalan