Spring Boot with Docker and Kubernetes Online Workshop (4h)

Spring Boot with Docker and Kubernetes Online Workshop (4h)

Workshop Description

Docker and Kubernetes have revolutionized the software industry in the last few years. But how can we containerize our Spring Boot apps? In this workshop, we’ll explore different options, from creating our Dockerfile, to tools like Jib and we’ll focus on the new support for Docker in Spring Boot 2.3/2.4 that leverages Buildpacks. Having our container is just the first step towards Kubernetes, we’ll cover the Kubernetes building blocks and deploy our app on k8s in an engaging interactive environment. By the end of the workshop you will have an excellent understanding of containers & Kubernetes and how to run your Spring Boot apps on k8s.

This is a hands-on workshop, every student will get an interactive environment with access to a Kubernetes cluster.

What you’ll learn

  • Container basics and best practices
  • Containerizing you Spring Boot apps with Dockerfiles
  • Going beyond Dockerfiles, using Jib and Buildpacks
  • Kubernetes building blocks: deployments, replicasets, pods, services and ingress
  • Kubernetes Logging
  • Configuration with ConfigMaps
  • Understanding Liveness and Readiness probes
  • Achieving zero downtime


Sergi Almar


18th Jan 2021


09:00-13:00 CET (4h)


Live Online